I’m a mommy: my first for-sale to the public piece of sequential art. I’m going to be selling it at Free Comic Book Day here in Cape Town. 

The copy I have in my hand is a proof only, but it’s the basic article: colour cover and black and white interior pages. Aside from being a little dark in some spots (due only to my SPECTACULAR lack of knowledge in basic desktop publishing) it’s come out exactly as I wanted and I’m super-proud of it.

I hadn’t teased or made any facebook hoopla about joining in FCBD as an exhibitor of panel-art because I’ve been guilty of letting projects go adrift in the past despite (or maybe because of) too much hype and indiscreet squeeing about HOW AMAZING IT”S GOING TO BE. I get my emotional kudos from interested and excited friends, then go on my way, and the project stays unrealized except in sketchbook form only.

Therefore, I am NOT going to promise this will lead to anything bigger, various sketched pages and long story outlines in the back of my mind notwithstanding. To paraphrase a piece of advice I once got on a writer’s camp: I won’t call you to say I’m drawing a book, I’ll call you to say I’ve drawn one.

For now, here you have my modest little twelve-pager. Maybe she grows into something bigger, maybe not, but for now I’m just really happy I’ve got something in my hands now that I can enjoy and share with you all!